Lumatic Clia Analyzer

Product Specs

Description: LuMatic CLIA Analyzer

Detector: Photo-Multiplier Tube (PMT)

Programming: 45 plus paramaters including Hormones, Cancer & Cardiac Markers, Steroids, Drugs, Infectious Diseases, other Biochemical Markers

Ease of Use: Simple operation & convenience with out-of-box installation

Requirements: PC, Printer via USB Connection

AutoPlex Elisa Work Station

  • Internal optical ELISA reader, (CLIA read in separately sold device through integrated software)
  • Exceptional performance with Monobind immunoassays
  • Simultaneous processing of 1 to 12 analytes with automated work-schedule
  • Within assay precision (<4% CV) based on -ve samples run in duplicate.
  • Reproducibility of dose response variable (<3% CV) based on adjacent duplicate samples.
  • Dose response drift (<5% CV) based on three positions in microplate
  • Excellent correlation (.99 R) and nearly perfect slope with manual method
  • Fast processing rates in single plate design
  • On average 50 samples performed per hour with Monobind immunoassay
  • Dilutions, possible, dispensing single or multiple reagents
  • Two syringe pumps for accuracy, stainless steel probes
  • Min and max dispensing volumes 2 μl and 1.95 mL
  • Maximum number of specimens 96, up to 44 reagents with standard reagent rack of 27
  • Custom reagent rack for Monobind AccuBind and AccuLite kits with easy to read icons



  • Programmed with all of Monobind’s 45+ tests to allow plug-and-play
  • Simply choose CLIA or ELISA mode to access test parameters
  • Internal CLIA reader in development
  • PC controlled using intuitive Windows® based program
  • Versatile, open system
  • NRTL Listed, CE Marked


    CLIA reader is optional

Rt-2100c Microplate Reader

   -Large LCD display, with touch screen and mouse.
   -96-well plate, multiple tests in the single plate.

   -Large memory

   -Versatile and automatic calculation of concentration
   -Westguard Multi-rule, automated QC alert.
   -Plate shaking, speed and time adjustable.


RT-2600c Microplate Washer


   -Fully automatic
   -Washes flat, U and V-bottom strips and plates.
   -Small residual volume, multiple aspiration ways.
   -Manifold with two needles for aspiration and dispensing to avoid cross- contamination
   -Liquid level detection and alert function.